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Every student chooses his way of training dependaing on what he intends to do and the importance that he wants Pak Mei to have in his life. Most often, a beginning student trains once or twice a week to learn fighting techniques and body conditionning with a dedicated class.

Once the student wants to have real kung fu he begins to train more often. His body adapts to Pak Mei and strengthens. His coordination sharpens and movements become natural. Strikes become stronguer and sharper. He is on the way to becoming a good Pak Mei kung fu practitionner.

I propose three different training programs, workshops and mentorship.

Beginner program

There are only good reasons to practice Pak Mei Kung-Fu. This program allows beginners to discover the authentic practice of Pak Mei, in a family atmosphere, with courses comparable to those of the "classical" program. By training once or twice a week, you will progress at your own pace in the discovery of Pak Mei Kung-Fu, its practice and principles, its learning methodology, its concepts of forms training, hands unsheathing, muscle, tendon and bones conditioning.

Fees: 490€ from September to June
Two 1h30 sessions per week.
Tuesday 8:30-10:00 PM and Friday 7:30-9:00 PM

Classical program

For those willing to learn Pak Mei Kung-fu through a teacher-led teaching, the classical program offers a complete view of Pal Mei Kung-fu. Students will develop their physical abilities and cultivate their hidden potential, letting their reach for their optimum level of skill.

The best progression of a student is linked to a steady training regimen. This allows a student to learn more techniques such as sequences and martial applications and body conditionning. The classical program allows for up to 4 weekly 1 hour and a half training sessions, providing for a more flexible training schedule. This program is open to everyone. Classical program students, Foshan program students and disciples train together in these classes.

Fees: 650€ from September to June
Four 1h30 sessions per week.
Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 7:00-8:30 PM and Tuesdays 8:30-10:00 PM

Weapon training

Only taught in limited classes to students willing to invest themselves in this rigourous training. Two weapons are taught : saber and long staff. The curriculum consists in weapon manipulation and specific use, sequence memorisation, specific stances, strikes and cuts…
Students must come with their own weapons and commit to training every Tuesday.

Weapon classes are taught by Sifu Benjamin.
Weapon training is included in the Foshan program. It is an extra for students in beginner or classical program.


Open to every membres of the school – from beginners to disciples – workshops are an extra to regular programs. Every workshop aims to deepen and perfect a specific point of Pak Mei Kung- Fu – learning a new sequence, a weapon or a concept such as strikes combinations.
Workshop allows motivated students to invest themself up to the level required by a high level practice.
Workshops are taught by Sifu Benjamin.

Foshan program

Learning Pak Mei Kung-Fu requires rigor and investment.

The Foshan program has been conceived for students reaching for the highest level in Pak Mei Kung-Fu practice. This is the program through which my Sifu Lao Wei San and I teach Pak Mei Kung-Fu.

This program gives the opportunity for the personnal training necessary for the body to assimilate Pak Mei kung-fu techniques. The student gains access to the training facility with all the equipment necessary to develop the student potential, learn to use his body and assimilate the essence of Pak mei Kung-fu. By being the actor of his training, the student can reach his higher level of skill.

Foshan program is directly supervised by Sifu Benjamin, giving access to his teaching according to the student level and need.
Some topics are…

  • Perfecting how to penetrate an opponent’s guard,
  • Perfecting openings and closings,
  • Developping striking power,
  • Strikes combinations,
  • Movement methodology,
  • Key knowledge on Ying gong body thoughening and strenghtening,
  • Specific Qigong breathing training,
  • Bare handed and weapon sequences

Foshan program is only available through selection.
Foshan program students gain access to all adult classes + Mondays and Tuesdays : 8 :30 – 10 :00 PM + Saturdays 2 :00 – 6 :00 PM

Adult mentorship program

Mentorship is available for students with a potential as disciple, with a will for a high level, or whose lifestyle or profession don’t allow them to participate in regular classes.

Some students want to learn Pak Mei Kung-fu but don’t live in France. For those who want an intensive training over a short-term period, mentorship is the perfect solution.

In traditionnal chinese culture, Pak Mei Kung-Fu is transmited from sifu to disciple, from mentor to mentee. Only through one-to one training can authentic techniques be transmited without alteration.

Like in piano practice where a minimum of one hour daily training is necessary to become a profesisonnal concert player, in Pak Mei Kung-Fu personnal training is a requisite to reach the highest level of training.

Body conditionning, strike techniques enhancement, reading an opponent, sparring… all those elements only integrate themselves in the body through an intense work that only a few can provide.

To learn more about mentorship, please click here.