This website aims to introduce Pak Mei: the art of Lightning Hands to the netizens. It contains some information regarding the traditional style of Pak Mei Kung Fu, its origins and the it is transmit as well as the links it shares with Cantonese culture.

The information gathered here are willingly short because Kung Fu is an art that is passed on through exchanges, discussions and sweat. This website is designed as a bridge between French and Chinese cultures in order to help the learners to understand the traditional and authentic practice of kung fu better.

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Far from conceiving the practice of martial arts as a hobby, I devoted almost all my time to it from the moment I started training. I’ve been a fanatic about Chinese martial arts and China’s since I was a child, and my vocation took a whole other meaning throughout my training. I furthermore chose to organize my life according to my quest for Kung Fu.

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“Practicing enables to accede to knowledge. This knowledge is obtained only trough the body’s understanding and consciousness. It is forged trough training, repetition and sweat. In my school, there is everything I deem necessary to the development of that consciousness. When I was a child, I was told that we didn’t have the same training conditions here, that we had to go to China. To remedy that situation, I created my school, and all the conditions are fulfilled here, there are no more excuses.”

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Benjamin Colussi in the Los Angeles Times

Sifu Benjamin Colussi was interviewed for the Los Angeles Times by Todd Martens on March 1st 2022. For the full article click here. “Sifu,” the revenge-focused kung fu action game with nearly 1 million copies sold since its Feb. 8 release, has become a breakout hit in 2022. What’s more, the game has earned praise […]

Sifu in Inverse magazine

Sifu Benjamin Colussi’s Inverse Magazine Interview. For the full article click here. YEAR IN GAMES 2021 SHANG-CHI VS. SIFU: HOW ONE 2022 GAME HOPES TO FIX A MAJOR KUNG FU PROBLEM Most depictions of kung fu are inaccurate, but ‘Sifu’ will be an exception. Choreographer Benjamin Colussi discusses how it fixes kung fu. Kung fu master […]

Sifu in Edge magazine

In our cover story, we learn plenty about the game’s development, with input from the Sloclap team plus fight choreographer Benjamin Colussi. As well as providing moves for the game, while advising on everything from feng shui to costume design, Colussi demonstrates the difference between how an uncultured thug and a practised kung fu master […]

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