Sifu in Inverse magazine

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Sifu Benjamin Colussi’s Inverse Magazine Interview. For the full article click here. YEAR IN GAMES 2021 SHANG-CHI VS. SIFU: HOW ONE 2022 GAME HOPES TO FIX A MAJOR KUNG FU PROBLEM Most depictions of kung fu are inaccurate, but ‘Sifu’ will be an exception. Choreographer Benjamin Colussi discusses how it fixes kung fu. Kung fu master […]

Sifu in Edge magazine

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In our cover story, we learn plenty about the game’s development, with input from the Sloclap team plus fight choreographer Benjamin Colussi. As well as providing moves for the game, while advising on everything from feng shui to costume design, Colussi demonstrates the difference between how an uncultured thug and a practised kung fu master […]

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Sifu Behind the scenes

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Take a peek into Sifu’s development and our team’s collaboration with Benjamin COLUSSI, Kung Fu master and founder of the Lao Wei San Pak Mei School. Combat design, workshops, motion-capture sessions, cultural authenticity reviews: we want in Sifu to blend both expertise and creativity to offer an explosive and unique Kung Fu experience. Playstation